Friday, February 12, 2010

My very first blog - and the reason for it

Boom - my first blog post ever. I'm pretty excited about it cause its taken me the last hour to figure out how to actually post. Also I've been trying to get this blog going since Friday and its now Saturday week, been busy.

So first - the reason for this blog. First off I have always tried to keep a diary- but keep losing it or getting lazy and then losing it. I figure since this is online I'll never be able to lose it. Unless someone invents some sort of alternative Internet which is better than the current once, kind of like how DVDs replaced Videos. So if your reading this and thinking that an alternative Internet is a good way to make money, its not - leave the old Internet alone.

Secondly, apparently I'm rubbish at keeping in touch - especially with family. Sorry mum. So just to cover all my bases I've got a blog so mum, if I haven't called and its worth telling you about, it's probably going to be on here. i promise to still ring but boom; I'm covering things with the blog as well.

With plans to go overseas and all the adventures that I'm getting up to I'd like to keep a record of things. Just in case i forget. So this covers that.

Finally - it seems everyone trying to make it as a pro athlete has a blog. And while I never have dreams of going pro, cause I do enjoy my job and don't think I'd enjoy racing full time, but if you want to feel like a pro you've got to act like one to. So in counting with that theme - I'm writing this blog.


Now onto the title "living the dream". Why this title you may ask? Because at the end of the day that is what it is all about, and that's what I'm doing. Living the dream. The races, the people and the adventures are all part of it, along with the set backs the dramas and anything else that comes along. Without those the good bits wouldn't seem so good. Life's for living and that's what i intend to do with mine, and to the fullest.

So that's it, the reason for this blog and its title. Keep following to see how it all unfolds.



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