Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy man - it was crazy

This weekend Beijeman bro's racing took on the Crazy man team duathlon. I did the run. Following a big month of racing in March I really backed off the training in April feeling that the body was a bit over worked. Crazy man is a tough run so as long as i bet the average time of an hour fifty i was gonna be stocked.

Having done a couple of practice runs on the course I knew it was going to be tough and pacing myself would be key. My strategy was to nail the downhills and flats and walk any up hills as fast as possible to conserve energy. At the half way mark I was feeling a little bit nailed. The great thing about team events is that some stage in the event someone is going to cheer you on. This bit of extra support put me in a good place for the final climb. On reaching the summit of Mt Lowary my legs were starting to pack it in. From here it was 4 km to the finish, mainly downhill. Motivation was sliding and running downhill fast was not on the agenda, a situation that has happened before. At this point a voice crept into my head "if you can't run downhill you might as well pull out"... Thank you Anthony Thompson. That was all the motivation I needed to destroy the last 4km, get cramp with about 800m to go and pull out a time of 1hr 42 minutes. Pretty stocked with this time considering i haven't been doing much running and I walked every up hill. Next year it would be great to go under an hour thirty for the 18km course.

At the transition area Mark and I swapped bibs about as smoothly as possible. Mark passed alot of people during the mountain bike to bring us home 6th out of about 20 teams in a total time of 3 hours and 36 mins, 36 minutes of the leaders. Plenty of room for improvement.

Next up is the wainui six hour. Should be a good achievement just to finish in one piece, and then Canada



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