Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping 101

Last weekend we went Camping, out at a cabin about an hour south of revelstoke. The cabin has been cleaned up after almost being moved/destroyed and is now a nice private spot above a lake with a nice beech.

We turned up friday afternoon and settled in to the cabin, went fishing, cooked some food and marshmallows on the fire and then got to know the locals (a few mice) before bed.

The next morning we woke early, went fishing, went for a bit of a walk, rolled a few rocks into the river, had a quick swim (very cold) and finished the day with a bon fire beside the lake (biggest bon fire ever) with some damper before bed.

On sunday we cleaned up, more fishing (still no fish) and drove back to revy after a bit of sight seeing.

Monday - made plans to go to the rockies with ants then went to a party, was a good night

Tuesday - hungover, got sorted for camping, left revey about heading towards golden and yoho national park. Saw elk and hairy marmot's on the way to the campsite at the Takakkaw falls (second largest in canada). Nice campsite.

Next morning woke early to walk/run up to the yoho glacier. apparently only a 18km round trip with 250 meters of elevation gain. more like 22 km round trip with 500 m elevation gain. eventually made it to the glacier, took some photo's then back to the car before the weather turned. very worth while, if not sketchy tramp. Drove to Banff national park and checked out Mordine Lake and Lake Louise (Mordine Lake was better). Drove to Campground at Johnston Canyon. Saw some deer with massive fluffy tails, no bears yet.

Next morning walked up Johnston Canyon, saw the lower and upper falls then carried on to the ink pots. felt like we were in bear country, saw no bears. Returned to car and drove through the Kootenay rockies. More Deer, but no bears. Saw an eagle, massive. Decide to drive back to revy. Was a good trip lots of photos.

Ants has decided to get a job so the plans for next week are a solo misson through jasper national park with some mountain biking with the boys either side.



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