Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting out of Vancouver

We had an above average night on Saturday involving 22 pieces of sushi for $5.00, some awesome dancing (by the boys) and some interesting dancing from the Canadians, and a glassing incident between two girls on the d floor (Jeff Reidy took some to the arm). Lots of laughs.

Sunday checked out a couple of bike stores and camping stores. Went for a ride on a few reign X's. Figured i would purchase the reign X 1 we found in Revy. Went for a run through Stanley park in Vancouver. Saw a squirl and a Racon. The racon was awesome, climbed a tree right in front of us and into this little hole. Mint.

By Monday we were all sick of Vancouver and it's poor weather. Had been cloudy every day since we turned up. Messed around in town till 3.30 at which point we went and picked up the Van. It is the law in Canada that every car must have insurance. Getting this took about two hours and it was almost six thirty before we finally rolled out the drive way.

The Van I purchased has been sitting still for a few months and has obviously gone backwards, within a kilometer of leaving we discovered the window wiper switch doesn't work and the plug was faulty. A few zip ties later and we were down to popping the hod ever time it started/stopped raining (we now just pull the fuse out/in)

We picked up the boys van and headed out of Vancouver, good to be on the road moving after a few days sitting still. On the road for a bit (Jim driving my van) and we pulled over in Hope for a feed and some fuel. At this point I stepped up and took the wheel. Jim was pretty brave sitting next to me, almost had an incident at the first intersection. Driving on the other side of the road is interesting. Key is to always position the passenger on the outside. Intersection are the most tricky.

Parked up at a nice spot just off the road, altered the van so we could a comfortable sleep by removing the back seats, took a few photos, cup of tea and bed. Woke up at 4am when sun creeped into van. need to do something about curtains!!Add Image

Back on road and into Revy at about 2pm. Scenery got better and better as we went along. Canada is a beautiful place.

Unpacked the Van and straight to the bank and then bike shop. Picked up bike. It is awesome (back to shop tomorrow to take the set post down two centimeters). Need to get used to full suspension, and 6.7 inches front and rear is quite a bit. Will take some getting used two. Riding tomorrow.

Boom, off for a run



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