Monday, June 7, 2010

A week in revelstoke

So we've been in Revelstoke for just over a week now. its a small Town surrounded by big mountains. kinda got an ohakune. i love the small town feel of it. we are quite close to the middle of town, which is far from the outside of town. so walk everywhere. it is awesome

Arrived Tuesday, Wednesday woke up with a few jobs to do. Me and Ants are shacked up in the basement with a cardboard wall between us, and no door. We have some carpet on the floor and a window each. Ants is gonna raise up his bed and put a nice floor in. i might just raise the bed up. went searching for free wood. found enough to make a sweet cloths rack out of (it is pretty sweet) Ants did the building and i was on design and holding things. First ride on the bike in the afternoon along a little trail in town to get used to the bike. found the skate park and railed some jumps. suspension is so much fun!!!

Thursday - more jobs in the morning, then went for a cross country mountain bike. heaps of fun. bikes are pretty hard to pedal up hill (there not designed to do that) but just kill anything on the downhill. No need to chose a smooth line like on the hard tail, just roll over anything in the way (awesome). Ran into a tree across the track (first crash)

Friday - noise boy wanted to climb the old ski slopes to find a ski. This hill was massive and steep and a good 2 1/2 hour climb to the top. Amazing how the plants and wild life change as you climb. And how it gets harder to climb as you get higher. Ants chased a bush turkey, found lots of coin left over from the ski season. had lunch, climbed some more, got to snow level, found the ski. boys attempted to single ski down, mixed results. Continued down - was just as hard down as it was up. Saw a brown bear near the bottom, in the trees. it was running away from us when we saw it then stopped and had a look at us. Awesome.

Friday night and we went to some hot pools in the bush. On the way out of town the muffler fell off the van, picked it up on the way back. was a noise trip to and from hot pools. Hot pools were across a ferry. there is no road around the lake so the government just put on a free ferry. took some sweet photos, hot pools were awesome - nice temperature and all to ourselves. got back at about one o clock

Saturday - woke up, fixed muffler. don't know how but its back on there. went for first real downhill mountain bike. was quite nervous and it showed in the riding. trails are way different to anything I've ridden in NZ. steeper, faster and with a lot more structures. did two runs and feel off the log ride twice. no big deal. boys road some massive things. was impressive. bike are awesome and just eat up everything

Had a party on Saturday night. lit a fire in a barrel at the house. was very warm. got fairly merry at the house before hitting town. live band so danced the night away with the locals. plenty of antics on the way to, and back from town. good times.

Sunday - hungover brunch. all you can eat breakfast for fifteen dollars with waffles and rhubarb crumble. was awesome. had three massive plates (ants said if i did three he would pay for laundry -sweet free laundry). was so good, waffles are amazing. Chilled at the house for a couple of hours before mountain biking. tried really hard to control nerves on first run and was starting to get more confidence. did a second run on different (new track). very steep first section, really enjoyed it. halfway down next section something clicked and i started doing more stuff. Did a massive rock roll over, Hugh. will have to get a photo of it at some stage - and a drop of. fell off. was awesome. loved it.

Mountain bike runs to far - Boulder 4, kicking horse 0

Time to do the dishes before a run today. me and ants are a cooking, dishes team. really good to share the work load.



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